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*Jamie Cook´s voice* EEHHHHH GIVEAWAY….

This is my first give away and it´s to celebrate reaching 1k followers… like 2 months ago and my new art blog… YAY

So this is a winner take all situation… There will only be 1 winner

I have no records or CD´s just lying arround!! So these prizes are made by me!

So here is what you´ll gain:

1- A big ass EEHHHH Jamie Cook sign! Painted in acrylic, And with a string! You can hang it on your door, on your bed, on a bookshelf… Do whatever you want… Just go nuts with it!! 

2- PINS! : - “I´m going back to 505” pin

                - “R U mine” pin

                - “EEHHHHH” pin to match your sign… 

                -  ”Tracky Bottoms tucked in socks” cause that´s the best line EVER pin! 


  1. -You don´t have to follow me. You might have a better chance if you do though…. As this is to promote my new art blog: oneforthetractor… It would be helpfull if you followed that one… 
  2. Likes and reblogs count!! Reblog as many times as you want! 
  3. Send me cool messeges! (Not a rule.. But It would be really nice)
  4. Giveaway blogs do not count
  5. You have to have you ask box open
  6. I will messege you if you win… If in 3 days you don´t ansewer I have to change winner!
  7. I´ll probablly add more stuff to the give away.. Just give me time.. And ideas…
  8. Winner will get everything plus a drawing of someone they like (celeb) and a postcard from me!
  9. Giveaway ends August 19th!!

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science side of tumblr… how do you explain this gif


animal that starts with L


………..long cat


    Princess Mononoke (1997) - San and Ashitaka




So this happened yesterday. I didn’t expected it to get out of hand so quickly hahahaha

Never forget

i lost it at “dont sit down cause ive fucked your chair”


basically I accidentally listened to a song few years ago and it led to this

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